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$700/40 HQ

Loose Goods: 

$0.2/kg,  $15 minimum charge each service 

$20 each pallet if in need of packing loosed goods 
Ship to FBA

Truck pickup:

$20/pallet under 1500lb, excluding trucking charge 

Package pickup:

See drop shipping processing fee *

Trucking and package shipping fee are paid by client 
Drop Shipping 

* Rate based on every single package: 

  • $0.80 (0-200kg/0-5 lb)
  • $1.40 (2.01-5.00kg?6-11lb)
  • $ 2.00 (5.01-10.00 kg/12-22 lb)
  • $2.50 ( 10.01-20.00kg/23-44lb)
  • $3.00 ( 20.01-30.00kg/ 45-66 lb)
  • $4.00 ( 30.01-40.00kg/67-88 lb)
  • $5.00 ( 40.01-50.00kg/89-110 lb) 
  • $6.00 (50.00-68.00kg/ 110-150 lb) 

Calculating volumetric weight: 

Multiplying the length, width, and height of a parcel (in cm) and dividing that figure by 5000 

  • If actual weight is higher than the volumetric weight, the rate will refer to actual weight 
  • If volumetric weight and higher than actual weight, the rate will refer to volumetric weight 
3PL Warehousing 
  • Between 0-90 natural days: $0.50/CBM/day
  • Over 90 natural days: $0.80/CBM/day


Rail Yard Pickup       $750 each container   Limited to great Chicago area 
Labeling       $0.40/label Including SKU,UPC,FBA, and carrier shipping labels
Pallet Packing       $20/pallet 
  • Maximum dimension: 40x48x80
  • Maximum weight: 1500 lb
  • Extra charge applied to over weight and/or sized pallet
     $0.50 each item based on SKU/UPC It refers to receive, count, and sort inbound goods only, excluding drop shipping fee and any other fees listed here
Packing into box      $5/box 
  • limited to maximum 30kg 
  • The box will be provided by clients/ warehouse leftovers only when available


Disposal   $0.7/kg  everyday goods only, no chemical, toxic poisoning goods 
Inspection  $25/hour/person  consult us for details 


** MRNEIO LLC reserve all rights for final explanation