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Design Department


6 Design Essentials: 

In MRNEIO, every design projects can't live without the 6 key words- design thinking, user experience, professional skill, cooperation, technology and craftsmanship.



Here- Design thinking is the language between designers, coworkers and clients to find the perfect balance between uniqueness, functionality, aesthetic, budget and marketing etc. 

Here- User Experience encompasses all aspects of the end-user's interaction with our projects and/or service.It is the priority for MRNEIO designers to think more through every steps of progress.

Here- Professional Skills, from 2D presentation to 3D modeling; from quick mock-up to dedicated finished products...any embodiment of aesthetics, functionality, feasibility etc., just prove the name of MRNEIO. 




 Choose MRENIO,  you are served by various professionals from designers, engineers, architects to software developers and marketing analysts that working as a team to generate the most comprehensive solution for your projects. 

Choose MRNEIO, you would enter to world of all kinds of latest technology from artificial intelligence, cloud computing to big data and virtual reality... You need? We offer. We don't have it? We will figure that out now!

Choose MRENIO, you will be amazed by our modern craftsmanship that admire one of a kind design, insist on 100% handmade, choose all natural materials, and pay tribute to conventional culture and tradition. 


3 Design Categories: 




 As for specific design category, we are not only focusing on cultural inspired jewelry design,but also have been exploring the application of wearable technology to daily jewelries and accessories.We would like to handle your current design projects for refinement and optimization as well. Please check each link for details.